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How to Write a winning Upwork Cover Letter for Remote Writing Jobs

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My first job as a digital nomad was as a freelancer writer. Upwork offered me jobs as a freelancer writer. I wrote product descriptions, articles, and books. After many years of pitching clients, and landing jobs, my cover letters were perfected. Although it sounds a bit cocky to say that I have perfected them, for the two years I worked through Upwork, each pitch I sent resulted in me getting hired.

Because my talent lies in writing Upwork cover letters I thought I would write a post to share it with anyone who is interested in freelance work that allows them to travel while they work. I also no longer use Upwork so I’m not afraid to share my secrets.

How to write a winning Upwork cover letter (for writing jobs)

You must perfect your cover letter if you want to be successful as an Upwork freelancer. You can expect to compete with thousands of other freelancers for any job you apply for.

Potential clients will see your cover letter first. This is why it is important to 1) market yourself and 2) stand out. Clients don’t usually bother to look at your profile. This is something you probably don’t want to hear, even if you spent hours perfecting it. They read your cover letter and review your past reviews before making a decision.

It can be difficult to understand what clients want and how to impress them if you are new to freelancing. Here’s all you need to know about creating cover letters that win jobs.

Be friendly and conversational

Clients are searching for writers who can communicate with their clients. Clients want to see your friendliness in your writing. Your cover letter is the first piece they will see.

Avoid making your cover letters too formal. Freelance writing jobs tend to be casual and clients prefer to bypass the formalities involved in hiring someone. You can also demonstrate your ability to write in the style they are looking for by writing a casual cover letter.

Make sure your cover letter is clear of grammar and spelling mistakes

If you’re applying to a writing job then don’t let your clients think that you are not proficient in English writing. Proposals with spelling errors will likely be rejected immediately.

Cover Letter

Many freelancers have difficulty understanding how to write a cover letter and address potential clients. You don’t always have the client’s name. This is the problem with Upwork. How do you address them in a cover letter?

Each freelance writer is unique. We suggest a simple hello, hello, or more formal approach.

Although it is a great way for potential clients to know you are a professional, using “Dear Hiring Customer” can be a bit distant and impersonal. You should avoid starting your application for any job with “hello”, but Upwork clients prefer to have a more informal working relationship. If a simple hello is more in line with your personality, then you can go for it.

Keep your cover letter short and sweet

It’s easy to get bogged down in rambling about the articles you have written, especially if you have a lot of writing experience. Your cover letter should not be used to brag about how amazing you are. You need to be more specific.

You can mention your experiences, but keep it relevant. You won’t be able to share your experiences writing tech reviews if you apply to articles for a fashion or beauty blog.

Keep it brief and to the point. This will ensure that your cover letter is relevant and doesn’t put the hiring client to bed.

Honest: Lying about your abilities or exaggerating them will lead to a bad review

Most hiring clients are either experts or have a lot of knowledge. Be honest about your lack of knowledge or experience in the field. They will soon realize that you are not what you claim to be, which could lead to a negative review.

It’s not a good idea to lie in your cover letter. Be honest, even if you don’t have any relevant experience. Clients don’t mind if you aren’t very experienced as long as you show enthusiasm to learn.

The Questions Clients Haven’t Askn Yet

While some clients will ask you specific questions, others won’t. For these jobs, it is important to go beyond the call of duty and answer all questions they may have. You’ll show organization and previous experience by doing this.

What are the most important questions that every client looking to hire a candidate should know? These are the main questions I try to answer in my cover letters:

  • Which relevant experience can I offer?
  • What’s my writing style?
  • What is the time it will take to finish the job?
  • What’s my offer for this job?

These questions can be answered even if they haven’t been asked by the hiring client. Your appearance will be professional and organized. If you are applying for a job that requires you to write longer pieces, you might detail how you would approach the project and how you would structure it.

Do not Use a templated cover letter for every job

Clients looking to hire can see generic cover letters from miles away. They hate them. It is easy to tell which cover letters were copied and pasted and which ones have been carefully thought out.

Although it might seem easier to write a cover letter for each job you apply for, you won’t be able to get all the jobs.

While it’s fine to have some guidelines and a framework to work from, it is better to make your own. Imagine if you were to hire someone who had not even tried to apply.

Add or Include Links to Articles you’ve Written

You’ll make their lives easier by providing links to articles that you have written. They’ll appreciate it. Clients don’t want to take on the risk of hiring writers without understanding their writing style. It’s too risky.

Include a link in your proposal. This will greatly increase your chances of getting hired, especially if clients are immediately sold on your writing style. You can attach Word documents to your proposal if you don’t have live articles.

You should work hard to build your writing portfolio if you don’t already have examples of writing. Even if you only have a WordPress blog, start one and share what interests you. This will allow potential clients to view your writing style in its best light.

If you don’t want to start a blog, consider applying for lower-paid jobs. Although you may not make much, you will have some work experience.

Let’s sum it all…

It doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful to write cover letters. It is important to understand what the hiring clients want and how to structure your proposal to position yourself as the solution to their problems.

These tips will help you find the right cover letter style for you. You’ll find that the more you send out cover letters, the better your writing skills will be, and you will get more work.

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