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Bordeaux: A Wine Drinker’s Holiday

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Bordeaux is a perfect city. There are many reasons to visit it. You can take a stroll along the Garonne river and enjoy world-famous engineering. Or you can indulge in a delicious gourmet scene with freshly shucked oysters and succulent steaks. One thing will always be a mainstay in this region of the globe: wine. It’s all in the name. If you are visiting this area of France, you must visit the best Bordeaux wine tours.

Wine connoisseurs who are experts or casual wine drinkers come to this place looking for complex aromas and powerful flavors.

Bordeaux is often considered the best quality wine-production. To be certain, the Bordelais take their world standing very seriously, offering chateaux visits, expert tastings and vineyard visits. There is also a huge gallery dedicated entirely to wine. It is possible to expect a wonderful holiday for guests who are ready to dive into the rich culture of wine-drinking. Here are some ways to get things moving.

Visit La Cite du Vin

It’s easy to see the theme of this beautiful exhibition hall. La Cite du Vin looks like a glass of wine, and its brilliant design allows the light to shine like sunlight on a sauvignon blanc. If that doesn’t make your thirst quenched, the rest of the experience will. There are many displays and other experiences that will immerse you into all aspects of wine culture. Intelligent screens allow you to meet producers from all corners of the globe and record famous consumers taking part in voiceovers. The exhibition’s most tactile show reveals the scents of raspberries and pencil shavings as well as cowhide gloves, cowhide gloves, and other smells. If you are looking for a deeper lesson, there is also a comprehensive discussion on the role of wine in history, poetry, and religion. After all the schooling, it is only fair to offer guests a drink. Fortunately, the ticket includes a glass wine in the Belvedere bar on the eighth floor with panoramic views of the city.

Get to know the scene

People often discuss the importance of terroir in wine. This is the combination of soil, rainfall, and sunlight that affects the development and final taste of the wine. Bordeaux is the best example of this. The Gironde waterway divides the district. It leaves the left bank with gravelly soil which is ideal for growing Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. While the right bank contains good quality limestone soil making it an ideal place to grow Merlot grapevines. The whole process of making wine is better understood when you visit the vineyards, take in the Atlantic breezes, and enjoy the sunshine.

Pascale Larroche, a former winemaker and true oenophile, offers incredibly pleasant bicycle tours that take riders out into Bordeaux’s amazing countryside to see the vineyards, visit the farms, and learn about winemaking.

Visit an estate

Many Bordeaux chateaux are breathtaking. These chateaux are made of ancient limestone and surrounded by perfect green gardens. It is a must-see experience. Some offer tastings and drop-ins at no cost, others have long, delicious meals paired with the best wines. You may also have the chance to meet the winemakers.


To make the most of these tours, it is worth booking a guided tour. If you plan on tasting lots of wine, you should not drive. Most tours include transport, chateaux visits charges, tastings, and lunch. Bordeaux’s tourist office offers a wide range of tours. Depending on your interests, you can explore the Pomerol cellars, combine wines with a four-course dinner in Pessac-Leognan or visit Margaux.

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