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Ten Destinations Every Book Lovers and Aspiring Writers Should Visit

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These are the destinations you must visit if you want to combine your passion for traveling with your love for literature and writing. It’s possible to walk the streets of famous writers and be inspired to write your own best-selling novel.

1: London, United Kingdom

This is the city to visit for all book lovers and writers, even though it may seem obvious. Many writers have made London home, including Shakespeare and JK Rowling. This has left a strong literary legacy in London. London is a city rich in history, culture, as well as a unique atmosphere that will inspire everyone!

Check out this list of London’s top literary attractions to help you plan your trip. You can also check out our article The best literary pubs of London.London as the perfect destination for book lovers

2 Paris, France

Another obvious example but one that you should still consider. Paris is a cultural hub for all arts and literature. Many writers have been inspired by this city, including Victor Hugo and Ivan Turgenev. Paris is a city that inspires creativity and sparks imagination.

The Artsy Centre Of Paris

3: Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan’s former imperial capital is now one of its cultural centres. This fact led America, as Secretary of War, to take it off the atomic bomb list. It is a beautiful place with many temples, shrines and gardens. If this doesn’t inspire, I don’t know what will.

Many poets have found inspiration in Kyoto’s beautiful gardens. It’s the ideal place to write or read your favorite novel.

Find Writing Inspiration In Kyoto

4: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is full of mysterious and magical sights. Prague Castle, Old Town Square and Charles Bridge are just a few of the many attractions that make it the fifth most popular European city. The city’s history as one of the cities that were behind the Iron Curtain adds an extra layer of intrigue and mystery to an already spectacular destination. This city has everything: mystery and fantasy, as well as intrigue for any Gothic fan.

The Gothic City Of Prague

5: Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great in 3000 BC, has grown to be an international cultural center. There are museums, opera houses, gardens and universities everywhere you look! If you are looking for a mixture of ancient history, modern innovation, and centuries of human ideals all in one place, this is the place to visit. You’re sure to find inspiration for your story, whether it’s set in futuristic settings or centuries back.

Alexandria's Blend Of The Old And The New

6: Hamelin (Germany)

Hamelin, a German town, is famous for being the location of the tale Pied Piper. Legend has it that the fairy tale was inspired by an historic event which started the town’s records about how the children had left the town a century ago. Although historians debate the exact details of what happened, it remains a mystery. The town continues to perform the story, and the mystery of the tragedy lives on.

Hamelin, Germany - Home Of The Pied Piper

7: Colmar, France

Colmar is located in Alsace’s northeastern region, close to the German and French borders. It actually belonged to the German Empire between 1871 and 1919, before being returned to France following World War I. Its architecture is a mix of French and German influences. It looks like a fairytale town. For anyone who enjoys stories that combine the historic and the fantastical, this is a must-see.

Fairytale Town Of Colmar

8: Hallstatt (Austria)

Hallstatt, once a wealthy town because of its salt production, is nestled between the Hallstatt Lake & the Dachstein Mountains. It can be visited in just 10 minutes. It is a perfect location for writers because of its small size, isolation and beautiful architecture. You will also find inspiration everywhere.

Hallstatt, Austria - The Perfect Location For Writers

9: Helsingor, Denmark

“To be or not to be: that’s the question.” Although those words were written by Shakespeare, the setting for Hamlet was Kronborg castle in Helsingor, Denmark. The castle’s courtyard hosts the annual performance of the play. If you aren’t a fan, Helsingor offers plenty of opportunities for writers. The city was once known for its shipyards during the Industrial era. It has since reinvented itself as a cultural center. The city’s many sights will inspire writers of all genres.

Kronberg Castle, Helsingør, Denmark

10: Sighisoara, Romania

Vampire lovers should know this city. Sighisoara is the home of Vlad the Impaler, the famous vampire killer. Sighisoara is a great destination for writers. However, it has more to offer than just vampires. For example, the Old Town walled is UNESCO’s world heritage site. The nine towers create an impressive and inspiring sight. It also gives off an atmosphere so unique it would be hard to recreate in a story.Dracula's Birthplace, Sighisoara, Romania

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