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My Favorite Snaps From China Trips Past

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I’m now in Manchuria. I want to share some photos I love from previous trips to China. I am excited to visit other areas of this huge country, particularly those not often visited by people from the West.

Please be patient with me regarding the quality of these photographs. Some photos are more than 10 years old.

Beijing, ChinaObama Mao Beijing
Morphed idealism in Beijing
China, Dali
Morning mutt in Dali
Dali mountain
After the rain stops in Dali
Dali river
Dali is a place of serenity
Harbin, China

Siberian tiger

Siberian tiger
Saint Sophia Harbin
Saint Sophia in Harbin
Jiaozuo, China
Rhesus monkeys Jiaozuo
Monkeying aroundMountain retreat in Jiaozuo
Mountain retreat in Jiaozuo
Kunming, China
Dianchi Lake
Just before the earthquake in Kunming
Lijiang, China

Lijiang regional seat

Lijiang regional seat
Sijitun, China

Sijitun village

Rural bliss in Sijitun

These photos were originally posted on the original A Nomad on the Loose website. I have gathered them all here and made a blog post to highlight my favorite photos. Let me know if you have been to China and where your favourite spots were!

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