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You’re heading to Outside Lands in California, one of the most popular alternative music festivals. You’ve bought your ticket, planned your outfits and booked your hotel. This is not all. Before you head to one of the most popular festivals on the West Coast, make sure to check out my Outside Lands Survival Guide!image

1. Download the App (and Print the Schedule)

OSL’s app provides everything festival-goers need. You can access the app to view a map, live streaming performances and up-to-date information about the event. You can also create your own lineup and share it with other attendees! This is great if you have a lot of things to do. In case #7 happens ( , it will), print the schedule and take it with you to make sure you know when and where you can see your favourite headliners.

2. Walking or biking as often as possible

This area of town is PACKED. You can get a Lyft if you’re able to leave on time. It is almost impossible to get one from the festival. Although the public transport system is easy to use, it can be difficult to navigate. Join the party at Outside Lands’ Bike Party, departing at 10:30pm every night. You may park your bike or valet it at the park.

3. Wine Lands are a great way to avoid the crowds

If you’re anything like me, hate crowds. There is a place where you can find refuge and chill. While winelands are delicious and wonderful, they can be a bit expensive. There are fewer. You will still be able to taste some of the best wines California has. There are still shady spots in the park with fewer people, but it’s not as boozy.

Yup, that's a donut, bacon cheeseburger and tots (Source)

4. You can expect to spend a lot on amazing food

OSL is a hot topic in the foodie world. Donut cheeseburgers and bourbon coke floatings are just a few of the many options available. They are also adding Trestle, a fine dining experience that requires reservations. Bring your appetite and your wallet to enjoy a meal like no other! Charles Chocolates’ HOT CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD!

5. You might want to be more careful with your spending

The Cashless program is for you if you can’t really afford to eat and drink so much ( and you know that your drunk self will run off with your wallet until it’s gone). Your wristband can be used as a wallet by adding money! You can put a certain amount on it and ensure not to use Venmo or Paypal for more stuff!

6. Hydrate, but also pregame

You’ll be spending a lot of money due to the high cost of wine and beer at the festival. You can reduce your spending by sharing it with your friends at the hotel/airbnb. You don’t want your friends to go home drunk and miss the main event of the day. Drink as much water as possible before you go out but don’t forget to chug water for every other drink.

Layers, layers, layers (Source)

7. Dress the Part

Your suitcase may not contain enough. This festival is not like Coachella, where festival-goers are more concerned about their outfits than their tickets and hotel rooms. With the 50-degree temperatures and artsy vibe, be sure to include leather jackets, scarves, and sneakers into your outfits. Layers are a must!

8. Wifi will be spotty

WiFi is just like any major event. There will be fewer bars if it is crowded. If you split with friends, make sure to plan a meeting place and time. Always keep extra copies of your tickets on hand in case you need them.

9. Unplug, for Like, A Minute

The festival’s Digital Detox Zone allows you to experience a moment in tranquility. You can use scraps of paper, typewriters and spirits to send a positive message to festival-goers. This is also a great time to charge up your battery and plug in your phone at the AT&T station.

One of OSL's many other attractions (Source)

10. It’s okay to skip the music

OSL didn’t just include the comedy and food shows. You might want to keep an eye on new bands, but your ticket includes much more than just music. You can see a comedy show at The Barbary or watch talented artists at Gastro Magic create amazing dishes. This part of the festival might be more appealing to you than the music. My husband was.

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