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Paris: A Photo Journey through Autumn and Christmastime

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Paris was always my dream destination since I started learning French many years ago. However, when I first began to plan to study abroad, Paris was not something I considered. It was too cosmopolitan for me to learn the language, and too touristy to feel the culture. I was also afraid Parisians would be too fashionable for me to keep up with every day. I was also worried about the rainy weather, which is why I chose Montpellier, a coastal French city where the life is more relaxed and the weather is more vibrant.

Even though I was already in France, it took me almost 3 months to reach Paris. Charles de Gaulle airport was my first stop before I flew to Montpellier. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Paris until Remembrance Day weekend. It was just warm enough not to need a coat, to be able to eat outside under the heaters, but cold enough to allow us to enjoy the fall colors and have the excuse to buy hot wine whenever we want.

Yes, Paris was the beautiful old-world city that I always imagined. Its inhabitants don’t live in a rushed world driven by capitalism, unlike London. It retains its elegance and sophistication, despite the economic hardships.

After a brief stopover in Barcelona, my flight to the States was booked via Paris. I returned to the City of Light. It was holiday spirit, but I prefer to call it commercial spirit due to the number of Christmas markets that were set up in Paris. My final trip was solo, with meet-ups with my friends and host family. I visited areas I hadn’t been to before, and finally went to the ballet at Paris’ opera house. Although I found Paris more enjoyable in autumn, it could also be because of the rainy December days.

One last warning to Parisian travelers visiting Christmastime: Watch your waistlines and your wallet. One will definitely get slimmer than the other.


Notre Dame in Paris
Remembrance Day Notre Dame Paris
Notre Dame Cathedral Paris
Notre Dame gargoyle
Marie Antoinette Versailles
Versailles sunset
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower night
Bastille Paris
Victory statue Paris
Paris museum sphinx
Palais Garnier stairs
Chagall Opera Garnier Paris
Palais Garnier
Paris clock
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