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ZhangYe Danxia is the Rainbow Mountains of China

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This is ZhangYe Danxia Geopark, located in Gansu, a northwestern Chinese province. It is also known as the Rainbow Mountains in China.ZhangYe Danxia

It is also ZhangYe Daxia Geopark. It’s actually the exact same peak.ZhangYe Danxia

Oh, wait! This is the exact same spot in ZhangYe Danxia Geopark again.

zhangye danxia rainbow mountain manual changes
The only difference is that the first and second photos are heavily edited. The third photos are the originals. The third photo is of the same spot, but with heavy-handed manual changes.

ZhangYe Danxia Geopark, which can be edited or not, is an amazing place that you should definitely include on your itinerary if you visit northwestern China.

ZhangYe Danxia, like Vinicunca and the Rainbow Mountains in Peru, or the pink beaches of Indonesia, has fallen prey the marvels of modern technology.

I have been irritated by the heavy editing of photos these days, especially on Instagram. While I have no problem with photo editing and some photographers are amazing, it has become too heavy handed with some content producers. This trend makes me a terrible travel lover. It creates unrealistic expectations for people who want to see these places, only to be disappointed when they arrive.

Sometimes, we need to just be grateful for Mother Nature and all she has given us.

These are some more photos taken at ZhangYe Danxia Geopark. They have been raw and edited to meet your expectations. However, photos taken at sunset and sunrise can produce redder tones.ZhangYe Danxia rainbow mountain 5ZhangYe Danxia rainbow mountain 5zhangye danxia rainbow mountain edited 3

Tickets for these rainbow mountains are Y=74. They include access to park buses, which shuttle you between viewing platforms. ZhangYe Danxia Geopark can also be found along the route to the famous Mogao Cavesof Dunhuang, as well as the stunning Mingsha Mountain, and Crescent Oasis. These are two of Gansu’s most popular attractions, making it an ideal stopover while on your way to Gansu.


Which are your favourite colorful natural wonders, and why? Are you in agreement with my view on photo editing?

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