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My new series features some of my favorite bloggers, as well as their most embarrassing moments. You can learn more about these bloggers by following them on Wednesdays to hear their most outrageous stories and to see how they travel. Meet Chloe, a clumsy traveler from Time Travel Blonde.

The Time Travel Blonde is a must-see for anyone who loves travel.

This girl can be found everywhere, from Instagram to Twitter to her blog. She shows us just a small glimpse of her daily life while traveling around the globe.

Chloe contacted me to nominate me for the Blogger Awards. It was an honor to be recognized by such a veteran traveler. So I got a glimpse of her world.

I naturally followed her. I cannot tell you how relatable and cool she is.

Her photos, blog, and overall self resemble the person I have known for many years. I knew she’d have an incredible story to share.

Meet Clumsy Traveler Chloe; girl looking in the distance at Zion

1. Please tell us about your blog and yourself!

Hello everyone! I’m Chloe Hahn, and I own the travel and lifestyle blog Timetravel Blonde. I am a California-born girl who now lives in Denver, CO with Phoebe, our Shiba Inu puppy.

I’m always looking for the best way of exploring the world through food, fashion, or travel at the lowest possible cost. I believe in travelling the world both affordably and with a passport stamp.

TimeTravelBlonde is where I share my travels, past and present. It also encourages other travelers to make the leap into international travel.

2. How did you get started in blogging?

I have always wanted to blog because I am a storyteller. It’s my passion to share travel stories, weekend happenings and just having a creative outlet.

Funny thing is that I’ve always wanted one, but it can be daunting and scary to put yourself out there. So I waited for a while.

I was laid off in September and started to think about ways to make an income. In the meantime, I decided that there was no better time than now to start this blog.

So I set to work and stayed up late learning all I could about blogging, and I launched TTB. To be honest, it’s something I wish I had started years ago.

Meet Clumsy Traveler Chloe; blonde girl playing with elephant

3. How many years have you been travelling? What is your favorite place to travel?

Six years ago, I was bitten by the travel bug. Since then I have traveled whenever my finances and time permit. I usually take a long, international trip about twice a year. My husband, dog, and I go on a lot of ” weekend fighter” trips to different cities in the United States, such as Orange County, Las Vegas , Chicago, and others.

Paris is my favorite place. It’s a cliché, I know, but it is a city I love. My heart skips a beat every time I visit

4. What is your most bizarre, crazy, or clumsy travel story?

My husband and I traveled to Beijing, China, for a week four years ago. Although we knew that there would be some culture shock, it was impossible to know how much.

We spent the second day in Tiananmen Square, and did some sight-seeing. What were we not expecting was for the locals love to treat us both like celebrities.

The pandaemonium was hilarious! They would grab our hands, pose for photos, and jump up and down in excitement. It was the most fun and bizarre travel experience we have ever had.

When we returned to the tour bus, Ming, our guide, heard about our “incident”. Then, she burst into laughter and we both became confused. Was it a joke? Are they Punk’d out here in Beijing?

It turns out that Chinese citizens from all walks of life make a pilgrimage once in their lives to Beijing to pay their respects and learn more about their culture and history. Many of these people have never been outside their small villages, and they have never seen someone with blonde hair or green eyes. We are a myth, folklore character, or, as our generation calls it, a unicorn. When my husband and I entered their line, they were frightened. It was amazing, creepy, and strange all in one. It remains my most bizarre travel experience to this day.

Meet Clumsy Traveler Chloe; time travel blonde

Thank you so much to Sebrin for inviting me to participate in your series. I can’t wait for the chance to meet other bloggers, and read their hilarious, clumsy stories!

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