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The DIY Portland Street Art Crawl is a Visual Orgasm

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Downtown Portland Street Art

Capax Infiniti -Faith47 Portland, Oregon


Another woman stands high on the walls around the block. We are not facing her, unlike her compatriot.

Portland street art


#2 – I have no idea if she has a name because Google reverse image search told me it is a “wall.” K, thanks.


You can ride through downtown and find “Black Pepper” at NW 4th Ave. & Everett. This is a collaboration between Smithe and Caratoes .

Caratoes and Smithe Portland


These artistic renditions are no good enough. Instead, make your final downtown stop and visit the Keep Portland Weird sign.

Keep Portland Weird


#4 – The famous Voodoo Doughnut is just across the street!

Continue on W. Burnside, and then cross the Burnside Bridge. Although this is not street art, I urge you to take a moment to look for the Portland, Oregon sign.

Portland Oregon sign



Street art in Southeast Portland

You’ll see more artistic touches as you move to the opposite side of the city. Even offices are covered in beautiful murals. This mural is called “The Fair Haired Dumbbell” and can be found at 11 Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

The Fair Haired Dumbbell



You can make a slight detour to NE 8th Ave. at NE Couch St. where you will find two untitled pieces. The deer is by Camille Rose Garcia and the girl by Peach Mooko.

Camille Rose Garcia and Peach Momoko

#7 and #8


Next is the first of many #botjoy Murals in Portland. The one to the left is the Questions for Humans: Dreams Wall, located at SE Salmon St. close to the intersection with SE 10th Ave. The Joy Wall is located at 1205 SE Stark Ave.


Questions for Humans Dreams Wall 

Questions for Humans Joy Wall

The art crawl does not go there. However, FYI about the locations of the two other parts of this series. The Relationship Wall is at 3050 SE Division St. at the intersection with SE 11th Ave. SE Ash St.

Continue on SE Stark St. west to the most popular blocks of street art in Portland. All of these pieces are located in the corners between SE Oak St., SE Stark St. to both the north and south, and SE 10th Ave. (to the west) and SE 11th Ave. (to the east and west).

Portland Ore street art

Snake mural by Spencer Keeton CunninghamPortland muralsMeredith Dittmar Portland Street ArtYoshi47 Portland Street ArtNina Chanel Abney Portland Street Art

Kalief Browder memorial PortlandPortland Oregon street art

Go south. An untitled piece by Laura Berger is located near the intersection of SE 14th St. & SE Morrison. I have given it the names “Curvy Bodies”, and “Cycles of X” (Shawna X)

.Cycles of X Shawna X

Laura Berger Portland Street Art


They are just around the corner from one of the few Portland murals that I had seen before my visit. This rhino was created by Josh Keyes , a Portland native .

Josh Keyes rhino



For more street art inspired by animals, head south to Oregon Brass Works. These beautiful murals are located at Taylor and 10th.

Portland animal murals


Apeseven Portland street art

Continue on to the Lucky Labrador Brewery at SE Hawthorne Blvd. Just across the street are the Hawthorne Arrows of Blaine Fontana.

Hawthorne Arrows Fontana



We’re getting close. This mural awaits you as you ride north toward SE Stark St. These Hellenistic vases can be found on SE Stark, just before you reach SE 2nd Ave.

Portland street art murals

Hellenistic vases Portland mural

Another Portland street art

This was only a small selection of the many possibilities. The amazing selection of street art in Portland . Because most people will visit downtown Portland at one time or another, I concentrated on downtown. Because of the high concentration of street art, I chose to focus on southeast Portland. You should ride all around the city and meet other riders!


Portland my little ponyPortland Tsagaglal

Portland ice cream graffiti

Portland city of roses

Here’s the map of the locations in the Portland street art crawl. In some cases, the locations may be approximated.


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