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My latest series features some of my favorite bloggers, and their most embarrassing moments. You can learn more about these bloggers by following them on Wednesdays to hear their most outrageous stories and to see how they travel. Meet Ada, a clumsy traveler from Everlasting Voyage.

Ada, like my insta friend Paloma has been there for me throughout a lot of my social media and blogging journeys. Although we have not actually met, Ada has been there for me from the beginning.

Instagram, man. Friendships are made all over the globe!

Ada is a storyteller ( just as me) and she’s really good at it. Continue reading to find out why Ada is such a wanderlust junkie and her most memorable moment in Morocco.

1. Please tell us about your blog and yourself!

I do a lot. People describe me as an expressive, curious, perceptive, detail-oriented, weird, and adventurous person. I don’t mind expressing who I am, and I’m open to learning new things. Like any wanderlust, I love to travel.

Part-time traveler, I am still learning to blog. My blog is a hobby of mine, but I enjoy sharing my journey ( , or as I prefer to call it my voyage), and the amazing travel opportunities that I have had over the years.

I love that my blog sends out postcards about my latest adventures to my readers so they can have a little bit of what I had.

Clumsy Traveler Ada

2. How did you get started in blogging?

It was really peer pressure from my friends and family!

Yes, it was. I have always wanted a way to record my travels that wasn’t a personal journal and blogging seemed like a fun option.

My family and friends had always been rooting for me to start a blog about traveling. It only made sense to share my passion for travel and the journey that I’d taken.

3. How many years have you been travelling? Which is your favorite place?

Although I did travel to many states along the East Coast of the U.S. when I was younger, particularly when my family moved from New Jersey to Florida, I didn’t “travel” as much as I do now. As an adult, I am able to embrace all the cultures and wonders of the world.

I’m not a public speaker about the fact that my husband is in U.S. Army. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to live in many places around the globe. We moved to Germany in 2014 and I was bitten by the travel bug!

I have been to nearly 20 countries and 45 cities in the past 18 months.

Sebrin knows that choosing a favorite destination can be difficult. I truly and dearly fell in love with Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany! Such a charming little town in the snowcapped German Alps where the grass is vividly green with cows grazing all around, where the mountains seem to meet heaven, and it’s the town where my husband and I feel we “belong” to most. It’s a place where I feel the jittery excitement of returning to the mountains, even though I could go back a million more times.


4. What is your most bizarre, crazy, or clumsy travel story?

Here it is! What you all have waited for! This story has been told so many times that my husband is now reading my reply , “Here she goes again with Morocco story”. This is, in fact, my favorite story! It was new, it was weird, and it ended up being a good story. This embarrassing story was even shared on my blog!

Last year, I was able to go to Marrakesh in Morocco ( Sebrin is your favorite city!). It was an incredible trip!

We had been planning our trip and were looking for things to do. One of the things that I mentioned was going to a Hammam. I wanted to experience Marrakesh as a local. The Hammam, as I understood it, was a relaxing place to receive a rejuvenating massage. A trip for all girls is complete without a massage.

After wandering through the Medina’s labyrinth, we found the Hammam with “henna”, which we had booked at. We were given a bathrobe upon our arrival and a paper towel. My girlfriends wore their bathing suit under their robes, while I wore the thong and my bra.

We were led into a damp, dark room. There we sat on a mosaic-tiled half-circle bench with a fountain in the center. The woman asked us to remove our robes while we were standing in our robes. We were confused because we thought that we would be living in separate rooms. We followed her instructions and giggled at one another. We had only been friends for a few weeks so our friendship was very new.

All of us had our tops on, as well as the paper thong. Then, we were instructed to remove our tops and put on the paper thong.

All of us were holding our breasts high and covering our lady parts, wondering what would happen next. The woman instructed us to line up in front of the fountain, while remaining completely naked. The woman reached for a bucket of water and poured it on us. We couldn’t help but fumble as we tried to drop our hands.

We laughed nervously, but also freely. So we decided to embrace our naked bodies front-to-back. Wow, was that our confidence at its peak!

Then, we stood side-by-side as another woman applied the tan cream to our bodies. She called it “henna” I was thinking that henna was more like the henna tattoos they put on your hands than the paint they spread all over your body.

Then, we were washed off and scrubbed with a rough hand mitten to remove any remaining skin. They scrubbed our bodies from head to toe, and everything in between. The woman lifted my breasts and cleaned me. I laughed.

I will not lie, it was really relaxing when they began massaging our hair and shampooing it.

We then rinsed the shampoo and soap under one large showerhead and, as you can see, did it together. Despite how awkward this story was at the beginning, Hammam strengthened our friendship bonds and we remain close friends. We are all happily married to men.

Clumsy Traveler Ada

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