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After having been to Vancouver before, I knew what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. Vancouver was amazing with its gorgeous architecture and delicious craft beer. But nothing can top the jaw-dropping, breathtaking views at the Sea To Sky Gondola in Squamish (Canada)

My friend told me about the Sea to Sky Gondola experience at Squamish, an hour north from Vancouver. She stated that the views were breathtaking and it was well worth the effort and expense. Even though we were required to rent a car for the trip, she insists that we see this attraction.DSC_0275

We drove up north on the day of my birthday. It was scenic and windy. It was a beautiful drive that took us past Lions Gate and Stanley Park, along the coast, and included views of The Chief.

We were greeted by a sound of water rushing as we arrived at the parking lot. The Shannon Falls, which cascades off the mountain’s side, was to our right.

I was reassured by the sights, sounds, and smells that this would be an intimate afternoon with Mother Nature.

We grabbed our tickets, and we made our way to our private gondola. We were awestruck by the breathtaking view as the gondola pulled us up to 2,900 feet in just 8 minutes.

Blonde enjoying the view at the Sea to Sky GondolaDSC_0328DSC_0343DSC_0323Blonde enjoying the view at the Sea to Sky GondolaDSC_0329DSC_0332

Before our arrival, I had heard about the 100-meter-long suspension bridge high above the gorge. It was something I’d never seen before.


The suspension bridge consisted of a series wooden panels that were held together by strong metal cables. The cables seemed sturdy enough, but the movement of passersby made the bridge sway and shake with ease.

It was, in fact, kinda, sorta terrifying.

After I had gotten over the stupid idea of plummiting, I looked up to see what was around my. Another 3,000 feet higher, mountains were covered in snow, and that was in June. The Howe Sound, which is a beautiful blue sound that connects to a series fjords, was located to the west. Below us, there were thousands to thousands of green trees.

It was awe-inspiring.

Suspension Bridge Sea to Sky Gondola Squamish

Suspension Bridge Sea to Sky Gondola SquamishDSC_0380Blonde enjoying the view at the Sea to Sky GondolaDSC_0435Suspension Bridge Sea to Sky Gondola Squamish

We reached the Spirit Viewing Platform by swinging to and fro on a bridge (okay, I am exaggerating-a slight swing). We were not able to see the view because this platform was hosting evening yoga classes at the time.

This led to the Spirit Trail, which was a short path that took us along the edge of the lake, giving us the opportunity to see the best the land has to offer.

DSC_0439DSC_0450DSC_0508DSC_0524Blonde enjoying the view at the Sea to Sky Gondola

Halfway through the trek, I was able to see one of the most amazing viewing platforms I’ve ever seen. The Chief Overlook Viewing Platform was a suspended platform that was jutted out of the rock. It offered panoramic views over Howe Sound and the amazing sun beams shining through the clouds.

It was simply divine.

We could also see “The Chief” from here. What appeared to be a rock to the city girl was actually the second largest granite monolith anywhere in the world.

Locals used to climb The Chief to see the Howe Sound before Sea to Sky was created. It took forever to climb.

You can climb The Chief, or you could just enjoy the view from a safe distance.

DSC_0543DSC_0341Blonde enjoying the view at the Sea to Sky GondolaDSC_0497DSC_0502DSC_0522DSC_0529

The Summit Eatery & Edge Bar were our last stop of the day ( , where there was also a wedding). The perfect ending to an outdoor adventure was a local brew.

I was very sad to leave this place and insist on 15 minutes of meditation from above the Spirit Platform, far away from noises and crowds ( , because that’s what we Californians do!).

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