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Tourists travel to Peru to see the famous UNESCO site Machu Picchu. There’s a new mountain on the horizon that is rapidly gaining popularity. Rainbow Mountain is a stunning alternative to the traditional side of Peru.

In February, I started a series on the Mint blog in which I documented my financial planning trip to Peru. In an effort save money ( ) and to discover hidden gems in Peru, I turned to Pinterest and Instagram. This led me to the stunning Rainbow Mountain.visit Rainbow Mountain; girl hiking Peru

What is Rainbow Mountain?

Rainbow Mountain, a mountainside in the Andes of Peru near Ausangate Mountain, is colorful and secluded. It’s located at 17,060 feet above sea level (more than half the height of Mt. Everest!). Ausangate Mountain is considered one of the most sacred lands in Peru by locals. It is believed to be Cusco’s deity. Ausangate Mountain remains a place of worship and offering by locals to this day.

These beautiful colors, which have made Rainbow Mountain so famous on Instagram, were created by layers of sedimentary minerals that had been exposed to erosion. These colors include forest green, maroon and royal purple, as well as turquoise and gold. It is truly a sight to behold. This spectacle is a must-see for anyone who loves hiking and nature.

Our guide says that the trek has been open for about 1-2 years. However, it is very popular so you would think it was much longer!visit Rainbow Mountain; Sacred Valley Cusco

Where’s Rainbow Mountain? How do I get there?

Rainbow Mountain can be found in Ausangate Mountain. It is one of the most impressive geologic features anywhere in the world. Rainbow Mountain is located only 50 miles from Cusco. It is difficult to reach because of the terrain between them.

Rainbow Mountain can only be reached by car and it takes between 2.5-3 hours to reach. Roundtrip transportation is usually included in most tour operators’ prices.

When is the Best Time To Go?

You can visit Peru in two seasons: the wet and dry.

Although the dry season is from March through November, it’s the best time of year to visit. The sky will be clear, the temperatures are comfortable, and the terrain is beautiful. It’s also the busiest time of the year. It’s also Peru’s winter, but it’s very close to California winter.traveling with HYLETE; girl hiking rainbow mountain in Peru

What Should I Wear to Hike Rainbow Mountain?

You will feel freezing when you arrive at Rainbow Mountain. You will be freezing due to the altitude and lack of sunlight.

  • Hiking boots or running shoes
  • Thick, hiking boots
  • Workout pants or Hiking trousers
  • Shirt or tank top
  • Sweatshirt
  • Hiking Jacket ( waterproof preferred)
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Beanie

This is a lot Layers are your best friend! Even though it was winter, the temperatures got hotter as we traveled. After about an hour, I was ready to throw away my jacket and take off my sweatshirt. I was forced to put on my jacket when we reached the top by the wind.

You might get snow. If you have enough layers/thermals, you can be prepared. You will only need rain gear from December to February. A poncho and shell for your backpack along with rainproof clothing, umbrella, and rainproof clothing should be enough.photos of Peru; Rainbow Mountain hike

How long is the Rainbow Mountain Hike?

The answer to this question depends on two factors: Your hiking skills and your travel itinerary.

Your day will begin between 3 and 4. It will take 2.5 hours to reach the summit ( 14189 ft), and then you’ll hike up to the top. This hike can be done by locals in one to two hours. It took us about three to four hours to reach the top, but it was easy for beginners. You can then relax and take photos at the top for approximately an hour. It is much easier to descend and takes around 1-2 hours. We returned around 5:30pm after a 2 hour drive and lunch. 13-14 hours.

Depending on your hiking ability, this time may vary. Note Altitude sickness can affect everyone differently. Even if you are extremely fit, it may still be difficult to get enough oxygen. HTML3_ According to our guide, once a rugby player who was extremely fit had to stop every five minutes to take a deep breath and rest during a hike. One incredibly determined showoff was seen climbing up and down the mountain twice in the same time as it took to complete one full trek. Your trek experience will differ depending on how you adjust to altitude.

My husband didn’t get altitude sickness as bad as mine because of the treatments I used here.

This trip can be made multi-day if you have more time. You’ll not only be able hike at your own pace but also you will be able reach Rainbow Mountain before the masses ( thus a better photo and more time with “pachamama”, or Mother Earth). It will take you 24-36 hours to complete this task.photos of Peru; Rainbow Mountain hike

Do You Need a Guide to Hike Rainbow Mountain.

No. You should get a guide. You can hike this trail alone or with small groups of people without a guide. Most of these hikers were intermediate-level to advanced. This trek is very challenging for advanced hikers.

For beginners, we recommend a guide. They will give you information about the hike and provide tools for emergencies ( such as their “magic potion”), help you translate and negotiate donkey prices.

Salkantay trekking was our guide on our trip to Rainbow Mountain. You can get a round-trip car ride from your hotel up to the summit, breakfast at a family-run restaurant and snacks, as well as water, oxygen, and an emergency kit. The tour is private and English-speaking.

Although the price was high compared to other companies’, novice hikers wanted to be prepared. We are not regretting this decision!

The price does not include tipping for the driver or guide.visit Rainbow Mountain; mountain view and trek

How hard is the Rainbow Mountain Hike.

It takes about 20-40 minutes to complete the level-footed trek. This flat section of the trail will be your first glimpse of horses and their owners. If you are unable to handle the altitude, you may rent a horse from this place to climb Rainbow Mountain and return.

Although the owners claim that it will cost 120 soles roundtrip ( roughly $40 USD), our guide was able to negotiate it down to 90 soles ( about $30 USD). Although we chose to hike, in retrospect, it was a better deal.

Your incline will begin once you have entered the ticketing area.

Here you’ll start your 3-hour struggle. You will pass large, snowcapped mountains on the way up. The soothing sound of the sheep and alpacas will be accompanied by the soothing sound of their bleats. You can’t help but notice people riding horses by you. It makes you think, “Dammit, I should not have paid for that horse at the beginning.”

Halfway up is a snack and a restroom stop. You will find water, candy, quinoa bars and coca leaf remedies at this Peruvian family-run business. Port-a-potties are holes in the ground that look like poop. This is where I ALMOST dropped the camera lens.

This is the worst part of the trek. You now have to rest every five minutes, instead of every 15 minutes. You must walk alone up the last 20 minutes of Rainbow Mountain , even if you have a horse. We saw many people shivering, crying and throwing up at the high altitude. TAKE OUR TIME, LADIES & GENTS!

It will all be worth it when you reach the surface. Or, according to my husband.)visit Rainbow Mountain; entrance ticketing and mountains

How much does the Rainbow Mountain cost?

This depends on whether you are taking a tour.

Let’s say you don’t want to travel with a guide in order to save money. Here are the details:

  • Roundtrip transportation ( , 340 soles
  • Entry ticket ( 10 soles
  • Roundtrip horse ( 90 soles less if the horse isn’t used all the way).
  • Snacks and water ( 10-20 soles

I recommend an Uber if you have internet or data on your phone. You will get the lowest price and you won’t have to negotiate for it. You should make sure the Uber driver will return for your return trip ( – this may cost you an additional fee).

Many tours offer breakfast and lunch at nearby homes that serve Peruvian food to tourists. This section will be skipped if you are going solo. Bring plenty of food to fuel your hike. Be careful not to overeat if you can’t handle the altitude.photos of Peru; Rainbow Mountain hike sheep

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