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World Kiteboarding Lists: Turks and Caicos Soar High

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National Geographic is a respected name for its spectacular photography, compelling narratives, and honest perspectives on distant lands.
Generations of children and their loved ones have gazed deep within the rectangular yellow frame. They were awed at the beauty of the pyramids, bewildered by the vibrant views of Tuscany, or feel a sense of terror as they are taken into the jungles in Papua New Guinea.

Readers have always felt that no matter the topic or the location, they are getting the truth without any bias or favor. Fans of this sport became more aware when National Geographic published the list of top kiteboarding beaches around the world.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands’ pinnacle, was followed by Maui and Lake Garda, Italy. Babaomby, Madagascar, and Essaouira, Morocco, were next.

Number six caught our attention, a hidden gem on the Turks and Caicos Islands. The reason this Turks and Caicos spot is so popular is because it was a place that many experienced kiteboarders wanted to keep private until recently. The relative privacy and seclusion that Turks and Caicos offers has made it a popular spot for kiteboarders from all walks of the globe.

National Geographic said this about the destination: “Turks and Caicos, with its turquoise water and soft white sandy sand, seems like it’s a Caribbean paradise. It’s all about Long Bay, which is a wide, shallow lagoon that wraps around Providenciales’ eastern edge. This is what makes it so special. This flat-water paradise is protected by fringing corals and has a sandy bottom with a consistent side-shore breeze.

Long Bay beat Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Columbia River Gorge, in the Pacific Northwest, La Ventana, Baja, Mexico, and Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Long Bay is located in Providenciales. It’s the main island of this sparkling constellation of beaches and deep-azure waters. Providenciales is a sophisticated destination that will delight all types of tourists, from beach-goers to those who want to relax in a tranquil environment. However, it’s also far enough away to remain a hidden Atlantic treasure.

A popular online guide to travel noted that “Though they are often overlooked by their closest neighbor, The Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands can be a worthwhile vacation destination in themselves.” This charming island chain is a great example of a Caribbean ‘desert island’ vibe.

The dual nature of Turks and Caicos, at once uncharted and cultured, means that luxury accommodation is limited. However, this also means that you won’t need to search for transistors in order to communicate with civilization when you settle down in your resort bungalow.

You have the ability to control how much or how little of the world you let in at resorts like UMI Ville.

A luxury suite in a luxury suite can be the perfect place to spend a wonderful day. The resorts of Turks and Caicos are top-notch inside and out. UMI Villa features, for instance, wood-paneled ceilings and bathrooms with modern gray slate tiles and calming rainfall head showerheads. It also has private balconies and an outdoor grill.

The natural beauty beyond the pool is waiting for you. Just a few steps away is the beach, where you can sunbathe, surf or do kiteboarding. There are many restaurants and bars around the corner. You can also explore nearby attractions like Grace Bay, Sapodilla Bay, and Taylor Bay Beach. You can also relax in a spa or go snorkeling. There is no shortage of time in the world.

Kiteboarding schools are easily accessible for beginners. The shallow end of UMI Villa’s sandy beachfront is a great place to start. Further out, kiteboarders fly high above the waves, while tides whip frosted water below.

You’ll be able to recount many of your experiences on Providenciales. You’ll discover the truth behind the kiteboarding saying “You can’t buy joy, but you can purchase a kite,” by the end of your adventure.

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