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Things Long-Term Travelers Sometimes Forget About From Home

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It doesn’t matter how many times someone has traveled, how many places they’ve visited and how good they are at meeting new friends on their travels; there will always be things people miss back home, no matter how long they have been away. Although it’s not an overwhelming feeling of missing home, there can be fleeting thoughts or memories that make you feel sad. Even long-term travelers can sometimes feel homesick.


Long-term visitors often miss friends and family back home. There is still a lack of personal contact, even with messages and calls. For special occasions such as weddings, births and landmark birthdays, travelers are often absent.

It is not unusual for wandering souls sometimes to feel sad for their loved ones.


The classic. It is a sign that you are missing home if you find yourself looking for apartments to rent all the time.


Pets can become a part of your family quickly. It’s common to miss your pet if you don’t have them home. You can’t call your pet like you can with people.

Animals can be a huge part of our lives, no matter how old you are.


Some long-term travelers might have favourite meals that they can’t find anywhere else. This could be a favorite family recipe or a tasty dish at a local restaurant.

It is possible to crave convenience in sourcing ingredients or being able order take-out whenever you want. Sometimes food cravings can be as simple as a craving for your favorite potato chips or candy bars.

You might find it helpful to send a small gift from home every now and again!


Long-term travelers may feel the need to return to their familiar bedroom after a lot of moving and changing of beds every few days.

It may be difficult for them to keep their clothes and other belongings organized, easy to find, and in the right place. When someone is always on the go, having a lot of stuff in their closets and drawers can be a problem.

It is possible for travelers to miss the comfort of their home bed, especially if they have a great memory foam mattress or something similar.


Long-term travelers love experiencing the diverse sounds, smells and tastes of the world. However, they also long for stability and routine.

Although a person might not want to go back to their old routine, there are difficult days on the road which can cause someone to yearn for familiarity and a certain way of doing things.


It doesn’t matter if you are a passionate sportsperson or if you just love watching your favorite team play. Being involved in sports can be difficult when you move around. It can be difficult to catch a soccer match on TV due to differences in time and networks.

Long-term visitors may also miss having a bathtub and a powerful shower, gym memberships and a reliable hairdresser. Private transportation such as a car or efficient public transport, as well strong Wi-Fi connectivity are some other things they might miss while traveling long-term. Some people miss the ability to get a good cup of coffee. Others wish to be able to stay for a while in a place with a fully-equipped kitchen.

These aren’t the things that will make someone come home sooner than they are ready. However, there are certain times when you will appreciate your home more.

Do you miss any family members or friends while on the road? Use social media to let us know.

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