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Las Vegas is my favorite city. Sin City is my favorite city in America. I’m here to help you plan your adventure. If coming from California, this is how you can plan a road trip to Las Vegas.

If I was asked to choose between driving or flying to Vegas, I would pick driving. Unless you offered me a private plane… who?

Driving is a great way to bond with your loved ones and get excited about the trip ahead. You can also experience the real West Coast. California is filled with quirky towns, Joshua trees, and endless desert. It doesn’t get more real than that.

epic road trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles; Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch

Start 1: Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande

After leaving the bustle and bustle of La La Land you will start to see the other side: simple, industrial and surrounded with a desert wasteland. You’ll pass a few small towns before you head out on the long, winding road ahead. It is amazing to see such a diverse culture just an hour from Los Angeles! Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch is the biggest surprise.

Elmer’s can be found on a stretch of road that runs north from Victorville, on a long and strange road in Oro Grande. This junkyard garden was created by Elmer, who used old bottles, typewriters, and dolls.

This is a small garden that’s not well-known enough to attract tourists. It might be a little out of the way but you’ll not regret it.

Entry to this charming little stop is completely free. Elmer accepts donations in exchange for cool, hand-picked rocks.


2: Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner, Yaermo

Peggy Sue’s in California is a must-visit when visiting Las Vegas. Although it is an old establishment, the food is good and the vibe is somewhat stale, that’s all part of Vegas spirit. It’s that part of Vegas that makes it so special.

Peggy Sue’s opened in 1954 with just 9 counter stools. The current owners transformed the old diner into a more comfortable and convenient location for travelers.

The entrance is shaped like a jukebox and the building is divided into two parts: The restaurant and diner on one side and the candy and 50s gift shop on another. Take a look at the gift shop and enjoy a milkshake with classic curly fries and a walk in the gift shop.

I have been to Peggy Sue’s at most a dozen times. When I was little, my parents would take me and my sisters to Peggy Sue’s before we arrived in Vegas. The retro candy, strange mannequins and the Thrifty icecream were all favorites. The most bizarre thing about the restaurant? The bizarre dinosaurs outside the restaurant! A trip to Peggy Sue’s would not be complete without taking a picture of their weird ans.

epic road trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles; girl boho walking road

3: Mountain Pass

It’s like driving down the 15 freeway through the Old West. You can see funny-looking Joshua trees to your right. A few semi-trucks and cars are moving by to your left. You can see mountains in the distance that will make you wish you were closer to Mother Earth.

Enjoy your surroundings at this time. Stop by the gas station just before you reach the grade at Mountain Pass or Zyzzyxx to take in the beautiful scenery.


4: Seven Magic Mountains in South Las Vegas

Hurry! This one won’t last long!

The Seven Magic Mountains art installation is located just 20 minutes from Las Vegas. These colorful, stacked rocks, which are 30 feet tall, were created by Ugo Rondinone in Switzerland. They represent “creative expressions of human presence” in the desert.

To get great pictures and avoid crowds, come here before noon. Tourists can stop by here while on their way to Vegas or to take a day trip to the installation. For the perfect shot, you can best go between sunrise and noon.

epic road trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles; Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas nevada sign

Stop 5: Las Vegas, Nevada

The grand finale of your tour isn’t the end! Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, is a place where you can indulge in debauchery, decadence and overindulgence.

Perhaps this is your first time to Las Vegas. Maybe you’ve been to Las Vegas more than once. I don’t care what your experience is, I can give you a new perspective on this crazy place.

For more information on Las Vegas, and the best things to do there, read this, this or this!

Tip: If you’re driving to Las Vegas for the first time, expect heavy traffic. You should leave Las Vegas before noon on Fridays. Los Angeles is a popular destination for Angelenos. Either beat the hungover crowd, or wait for them to pass you by.

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