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Are you obsessed with travel? Do you talk about travel all the time to your family and friends? Are you a travel nut? These are 30 signs you love traveling.

  1. The moment you board the plane home, you feel depressed. You’ll stay depressed until the next trip.
  2. You’re still researching your next vacation, even though you have only $50.00 in your bank accounts.
  3. You feel more at ease in the air than on the ground.
  4. Many of your friends come from all over the globe. You don’t have anyone to go out with at home. )
  5. While you eat a healthy, basic diet at home, it is not easy to adapt when you travel, where you are often faced with escargots, chicken tajine, and all the alcohol.You're a Complete Travel Junkie
  6. It is easy to write ” Everywhere” in your travel bucket list.
  7. Everybody calls you for information about travel, which is more of an compliment than a problem.
  8. Because you are saving all your money for travel, you only get new clothes on holidays or your birthday.
  9. You insist that clothes you buy for yourself come from other countries when you make the purchase.
  10. Your travel stories are annoying to friends and they can’t handle all your amazing adventures.
  11. You wouldn’t waste your time reading a book that doesn’t inspire you.
  12. To take amazzzzzing photos, you put yourself in serious, life-threatening risk.
    Want to Visit Arizona
  13. A tattoo that depicts a globe, plane, or other type of worldly thing is something you’ve considered or had.
  14. Your most visually appealing, brag-worthy possession is adding pins to your home map.
  15. You want to get a tattoo in another country. It’s just cooler this way.
  16. You can’t find anything that excites you more. Travel is what excites you the most.
  17. So that you can travel ALWAYS, you ask for cash, credit, gift cards, vouchers, and gift cards.
  18. At least 15 travel bloggers are followed on Instagram, and/or you are part of a Facebook travel group.
  19. Every time you go on vacation, the time between them seems longer and more miserable.
  20. Your greatest collection may include one or more of these: postcards, foreign currency or passport stamps.

    Travel Junkie

  21. Sometimes, planning your next trip can happen while you are on your current trip.
  22. Your biggest fear is time. You might not get to see everything on your bucket list.
  23. Look for jobs that allow you travel, even if you are still working at the job you hate.
  24. Traveling solo isn’t a problem. It’s actually a good idea to travel solo.
  25. You are now thrifty as a pig. You’re more knowledgeable than anyone about how to save money, where to find the best deals, and when to book flights.


  26. You may have thought about selling all your possessions in order to travel around the world.
  27. People misunderstand you often because they cannot relate to your insatiable wanderlust.
  28. Your suitcase will be your home for at least one month once you return from your trip ( if you are returning for a longer period).
  29. To get to your destination, you have put yourself in danger or even considered doing so. (Think hitchhiking, sketchy buses, old tuk-tuks, Ryanair, etc.)
  30. Sometimes people think that you are running away. You’d rather explore the unknown and exotic than live in monotony every day.

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