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My new series features some of my favorite bloggers, and their most embarrassing moments. You can learn more about these bloggers by following them on Wednesdays to hear their most bizarre stories and adventures abroad. Paloma, a clumsy wanderer from Anxious traveler is my first graceless visitor!

Paloma was one of my very first followers on Instagram. IDK how she found my blog or how I found her. Both of us were budding bloggers trying to figure out our identities on social media, and trying to get into the blogging game. We knew that we both loved to travel.

We settled into our blogging routines and began to blog about the subjects that were most interesting to us. Paloma talked about traveling and guides that were related to anxiety ( an extremely raw and informative POV). I bragged on about embarrassing stories and city guides.

Do you want to know what one thing didn’t change during all this? Paloma has been a great support!

This girl is not only an amazing storyteller with incredible insight for travelers with anxiety disorders but she’s also a good friend ( even though we have never met in person). This is why I am starting my series with the girl who gave me the courage to start!

1. Please tell us about your blog and yourself!

Okay, a few facts: I grew-up in the Bay Area and currently live in the PNW. Reading is my passion and I believe it is the best way to travel. The School of The Art Institute of Chicago gave me my Masters in Writing.

My blog, Anxious Tourist is about how it feels to travel the world while suffering from anxiety and panic disorder.Clumsy Traveler Paloma; girl looking up mosque traveling

2. How did you get started in blogging?

My blog was created when I went on a three-month trip to India Egypt, Israel Jordan, Turkey and other countries. Although I didn’t know what my blog would look like at first, I was certain that I loved writing and wanted an outlet.

I quickly realized, however, that I was writing about travel and my anxiety around traveling.

I have had anxiety and panic disorder since childhood. However, it was so embarrassing that I didn’t want to talk about it. Writing about it proved to be so therapeutic. It allowed me to be more honest with myself, not to feel ashamed about my mental health, and helped me realize that so many people have the same issues.

Clumsy Traveler Paloma; exterior shot of sunset over the water

3. How many years have you been travelling? Which is your favorite place?

My parents took me and my brother to Europe when I was ten years old! My parents are both avid travelers. They have lived in many countries. I can still recall driving through Europe with them that first time and hearing them describe all the places they had visited.

It’s hard to pick a favorite destination. But then… Paris. It’s a place that touches my soul every single time I go.

Clumsy Traveler Paloma; old city over sunrise traveling

4. What is your most bizarre, crazy, or clumsy travel story?

I think it was when I was kicked out Vipassana during my time in India.

Because of the incredible things I’d heard, I was eager to go. It appealed to me because I am a yoga and meditation enthusiast and a certified yoga instructor.

While I enjoyed the meditation portion , I was not a fan of the videos at the end. While I believe they can be very enlightening for some, I felt a strange cult-like vibe.

After seven days of trying to leave , they finally “kicked” me out. They woke me at 6 AM and pushed me out the gate. I was in a small town about an hour north of Mumbai and didn’t know the language nor how to return to the city. I was basically left there and shunned by them.

One of the guards was able to help me phone someone about a ride to Mumbai. Although I was nervous about getting in a car with someone I had not met, it turned out to be a great experience.

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