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Although there are many flight comparison and search sites out there, Google Flights is the most popular. Google Flights was previously something I used to find the distance and length of flights. It was also a quick way for me to find general route information. But, over the past year, I have been booking all my flights through Google Flights.

You can score great deals on cheap flights, but you should not make poor decisions that could lead to the price going up. This article will provide you with travel hacks to help you find the lowest price flights. But first, let’s look at why Google Flights should always be your first choice when booking your travel.

Why use Google Flights?

Google Flights has been praised by everyone lately. But are they right? After using Google Flights to book more than 20 flights, I can say that I am 100% satisfied with the travel booking tool.

Although I was impressed by Google’s flight search, it wasn’t clear to me why it was so superior to other sites like Kayak, Skyscanner, Cheapflights and Skyscanner. It’s not like Google has ever advertised their flight section in their search engine. And it’s certainly not targeted at budget travelers – so I wanted the reason it was better than the rest.

I researched the technology and the experiences of others to create this list of reasons Google Flights is so beloved and why it could be one of the best places online to book your flight.

It’s super quick

It can take several minutes for some flight search websites to load all available flight options. They should be credited for the fact that there are many flights available and thousands of companies offering different prices. It’s not surprising that scanning all of them can take several minutes.

Google Flights is faster than any other site. In a matter of seconds you will have the best options. You can also see departure and landing times, operating airlines, flight duration, and company to book through.

Some sites require you to wait several minutes before you see the results. However, Google will load the best deal and all the information about the flight.

It scans all airlines

All of us have been to websites, travel consultants, and agencies that claim they don’t search all possible companies and airlines. The second you hear it, you realize one thing: They won’t include budget airlines.

Google Flights loads both high-end and budget airlines so you can be sure to get the best deal. There are no discounts to be missed.

It uses ITA Matrix Software

Hardcore travelers will be able to tell you that ITA Matrix Software should be your first stop for finding flight prices. It is the software that the top travel websites and agencies use to get the best deals. It searches each airline individually in a matter of microseconds, making this software the best for travel agents.

This software is used by well-known budget booking sites such as Kayak, but also Google Flights. It is the best software available in the industry.

You might be wondering why you cannot use ITA Matrix directly. This is because the software doesn’t allow you to book directly through it. The software will only show you prices for different airlines. You can then search directly on the airline websites to get those prices. Google Flights provides the best of both the worlds. It offers the intelligent, budget-friendly prices that ITA Matrix detects and a link to the website you can book through. You don’t have to search for the deal; instead, you are taken directly there.

It’s ad-free

Have you ever tried to book a flight but accidentally clicked on an advertisement that took you away from the booking page? It happens to all of us. It’s a frustrating problem, even though it is common.

Google Flights is a dream to use because it is completely ad-free.

It doesn’t have ads that interrupt your user experience. Instead, it has a smooth interface without distractions.

Calendar search encourages flexibility

Many flight search websites allow you to select a checkbox that indicates +/- a few day so it can find the lowest price for your flight over a period of time. Google Flights goes one step further with its calendar search option.

Other sites offer the ability to choose your dates using a calendar. But what makes Google Flights unique is that you can view the dates for each day when you open the calendar.

Prices can be viewed not only for the selected date but also for several months.

This allows you to be flexible with dates and choose the date that is most affordable, instead of refreshing search results each time you wish to try a new date.

It is completely mobile-friendly

Sometimes booking flights via your mobile device can be more hassle than it is worth. It would be easy to assume that every business would have a mobile-responsive website in the new age of technology.

When you book flights, you want to be able to quickly see the information you need without having to zoom in or scroll left.

Google Flights is a great app that’s responsive and easy to use on your smartphone as well as your computer or laptop.

Keep in mind that after you have chosen your flight, you will be taken to another company’s booking page. This might be less user-friendly.

Get quick flight status updates via Google

Instead of navigating to the airport website to check your flight status, you can save time and access information about your flight directly through Google.

You can simply type in your flight number into Google to instantly get information about your flight.

How to Find Cheap Flights using Google Flights

Google Flights is the best search engine to use. However, just as any other flight search engine, mistakes can lead to higher prices. These travel hacks will help you find the lowest prices on Google Flights.

Don’t click on your actual date until you are ready to book.

Clicking on a date will show you prices. However, if you click off and then return to the date later, it is likely that the prices have gone up.

Due to ‘demand’, airlines and flight search engines (including Google Flights), will raise prices at certain dates if someone shows interest in them.

If you are just looking to find out how much a flight will cost, do not click on the actual date.

You can still see the price for your flight date by clicking on it. You only need to use Google calendar search .

You can search for flights to your destination using a random date, even if you don’t intend on flying. This will allow you to make the most out of the feature without having to change the price. After it has loaded the prices for that date click on the calendar and scroll through the months and days, looking (but no clicking!) The date that you are actually planning to travel on.

You’ll be able to get an idea of the prices for your date by doing this. However, clicking on it won’t raise the price.

Keep an eye out for price trends at your destination

You might notice price trends when you search for flights using the calendar search. These price trends are important to be aware of and keep in mind.

When I searched for flights from Hanoi airport to Ho Chi Minh, I checked the prices and trends months before I booked. This helped me quickly realize that last-minute flights, which depart in under 2 weeks, are often half the price. I waited until the 2nd week before I wanted to fly, then I booked and was able to get a better deal than if i had booked in advance.

It’s possible that you will find the opposite for other destinations. Last-minute flights can be much more costly. However, if this is the case, make sure to book ahead.

Search using a private browser

This one might be obvious, but it is important to remember: Always book flights using a private browser. Use an incognito browser if you are using Chrome, for example.

When you book flights, prices will often be determined by the cookies stored in your browser. This means that search engines for flights will recognize that you have previously searched for flights to your destination and will display a higher price based on “demand”.

Private browsers erase your cookies so that you can search from a blank slate.

Find multi-city flights to get better deals

Layovers are often cheaper and allow you to visit another destination. They may not always be available when you search for a flight to one destination from another.

Google Flights offers multi-city search options. This is useful if you are looking for a city to visit on your way to your destination or one that you can stop in to explore. You can also break up your flight this way.

You can search for flights from your city to a halfway point city and then on to your destination. This might make long-haul flights less expensive and more manageable. Even if it doesn’t, it isn’t a loss to look.

Double-check for lower prices on budget airlines

While Google Flights may be better than many flight comparison websites when it comes to searching for a wide variety of airlines, it will occasionally not search all the available budget options.

Before you make a booking, search for a cheap airline in your region to ensure there aren’t any better deals.

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