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Doing the Eagle Walk in Tyrol (Austria)

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London’s Lambeth Walk is a single neighbourhood. But Austria crosses the entire country in 33 stages on the Eagle Walk. You’ll also have to be careful as it’s a steep climb with 31,000m of elevation gain.

The route is well-signposted with yellow signsposts and trail markers in red and white painted on rocks and trees. Information stations with maps at the beginning and end of each stage provide information about the difficulty, walking time, and where to find food and drinks. You can also rest your tired legs at the benches scattered throughout the trail.

I will be walking the three first stages of the Wilder Kaiser, or Wild Emperor Mountains in North Tyrol. These mountains are appropriately named because they rise to more than 2,300m high in jagged rock formations. Their slopes are covered with forest, tumbling streams, and waterfalls. The starting point is right outside St. Johann in Tirol, and I’ll finish at Kufstein which is the 2 most populous city in Tyrol.

Stage 1: Rummlerhof – Gaudeamushutte 13 km, 5h

A bright, sunny morning brings me a taxi to St Johann. It takes me the short distance to the Rummlerhof (a traditional tavern) where I begin my walk. First, the trail climbs uphill, then it cuts through the trees, climbing steadily up, mercifully in shade. The trail leads to Diebsofen, where large caves cut into the rock face. This section is somewhat tricky.

It’s a short climb that takes me to the once-mighty Schleierwasserfall. Now it’s a trickle, and I can only walk under the waterfall. Soon I am in alpine meadows, and then on to a forest road that leads to Obere Regalm Hut where food and drink is available. I continue on, climbing up onto a saddle that has a mountaineer’s tomb.

Today’s summit is over 1500m high. It offers spectacular views that rewarded my climb. Then it’s an easy descent to Gaudeamushutte, which is at 1,263m elevation, where I will spend the night. As I finish my alpine meal, the sun sets behind me.

Stage 2: Gaudeamushutte – Lake Hintersteinersee 14.5 km, 6h

All things start at sunrise in mountain huts. So after breakfast I am soon climbing. I was warned that there is a long stretch ahead with cables and ladders, which is only for those who are skilled at heights. I am unsure if I will be able to do the job. I ask an elderly couple who are accompanying me, and they assure that I will be fine.

The Gruttenhutte is reached by a steep final stretch. After that, it’s a gradual descent on a dirt road. I continue on the trail upwards through the forest, following all the tree routes and stones to reach the Steiner Hochalm refreshment chalet. Instead of heading down to the lake, the Eagle Way signs lead me uphill to another set of huts at Walleralm. I continue downhill, despite the sign indicating that Hintersteinersee is another hour away. I am rewarded with a nice stay at Pension Maier and a beautiful view of the lake from my balcony.

Stage 3: Lake Hintersteinersee – Kufstein: 9.5 km 3.5h

It pours overnight, and it is still drizzling as I set out. I retrace my steps on the forest road back to Walleralm, where it was raining. The sun starts to shine brighter and I soon climb steeply to the Hochegg Ridge at 1470m. The cloud has cleared and I have spectacular views of the Inn Valley, the Zahmer Kaiser Mountain and more. From here it’s downhill. I pass Steinbergalm, Kaindlhutte and take a forest trail.

It’s still a bit uphill to reach the Brentenjochalm Hut. Nearby, a chairlift could take you all the way down. I make it to Kufstein, despite the storm clouds. This bustling metropolis of less then 20,000 people is a surprise after the tranquility of the mountains. The castle, 800 years old, is the main attraction. It also houses the largest open-air organ in the world. Later, I have the privilege of hearing a recital in my hotel room.

The Eagle Walk is very popular and the hikers feel a sense of camaraderie. The signage is excellent, with yellow signs everywhere and clear red and white flashes pointing the way. There are many refreshment stops, including mountain huts that offer delicious local food and great wine and Tyrolean cuisine. I look forward to returning and tackling the next stages.

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