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My latest series features some of my favorite bloggers, and their most embarrassing moments. You can learn more about these bloggers by following them on Wednesdays to hear their most outrageous stories and to see how they travel. Meet Kristin and Shadi, clumsy travellers from Vacation Couple.

Kristin and Shadi look like a social media power couple.

You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Yet, it all seems so easy. I’m here trying to keep my head above water with my 9-5 job and my Instagram account.

We had met through social media. I was browsing my Instagram when I saw these amazing videos from overseas. These videos were romantic, exciting and of great quality.

It was almost like I had an amazing support system, from far and away, once we began to follow each others. Kristin and Shadi were always there to comment on my tweets, retweets, and give a little light whenever I posted a photo or video.

This is the beauty of blogging today. It’s almost like you are all one happy family.

After receiving endless support and admiring their videos, I was intrigued to see what their most embarrassing moment might have been. They did not disappoint!

Meet Clumsy Travelers Kristin and Shadi, of Vacation Couple; planet orb resort photo

1. Let us know a bit about you and your blog!

Making videos is what we love! Our passion! We met our first time in Toronto with mutual friends, for a night on the town. We never imagined that a pre-dinner video-game contest would lead to our first meeting. We love to rock out, enjoy different food and keep active outside. We love creating things.

2. How did you get started in blogging/vlogging?

Every place we travel to, we record a video. We received a positive response and uploaded our video as usual. We created Vacation Couple to share our travel experiences and help others decide the right places for them ( based upon our experiences).

3. How many years have you been travelling? Which are your top destinations?

Shadi was an avid traveler from childhood. He was often jet-setting to places like New York, Las Vegas and Jamaica before we met. When I was younger, I visited Canada coast to coast and found it breathtakingly beautiful. Our journey together has been nearly five years. It’s easy for us to say Mexico is our favorite destination. We dream about the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, amazing beaches, and wonderful people.

Meet Clumsy Travelers Kristin and Shadi; colorful rainbow sunset

4. What is your most bizarre, crazy, or clumsy travel story?

It’s no secret that I am a worrier. I pack too many medical supplies. I tell Shadi to be cautious , even though I am the one who should take extra precaution. I love the idea of being safer than sorry.

It was a surprise for us both when I suggested that we go on a group hike along the West Coast of Mexico to explore the jungle deep within the jungle.

As we climbed into the jungle, we had no idea what was ahead. I walked slowly from one rock to another, trying to avoid the rushing water beneath my feet. Shadi, on the other hand, enjoyed every second of the water.

Both of us were in bliss until we saw the deadly venomous snake perched on a rock. We were both in complete bliss until we saw the deadly venomous spider perched on a rock.

The problem was quickly removed by our guide. However, we aren’t sure why we didn’t think twice about jumping in to a nearby freshwater spring for a swim. We couldn’t even see the bottom of the darkly lit, cool water. Our group also couldn’t see each other as we walked deeper into the jungle to find a hidden waterfall.

Our ineptness didn’t show up until Shadi fell on a rock and cut his leg. While we waited for the medic to fix it, we laughed at the minor scrape. We were so lucky that the injury was minor.

We weren’t laughing later when the inevitable happened.

It happened just hours after we had escaped from the jungle. As I was enjoying my injury-free lifestyle, I felt a stringing sensation in my feet as I ran into the ocean. After I calmed down, stopped shouting, we spoke with the doctor for the second day. I took out the stinger, and it was better than the one that the bees had stung me.

I didn’t have to pack anything that day, except for the iodine and antiseptic. It was clear that while you can plan for an accident, you won’t be able plan and pack for every scenario. Both of us had a wonderful story to share and will never forget our adventurous decision to take a jungle walk. Let our curiosity continue!

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