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My latest series features some of my favorite bloggers, and their most embarrassing moments. You can learn more about these bloggers by following them on Wednesdays to hear their most outrageous stories and to see how they travel. Meet Rachel, a clumsy wanderer from The Department of Wandering.

Do you know those Instagram accounts that make travel look so beautiful and elegant? An account where you feel so much wanderlust you want to book a flight to a foreign country right now.

That’s Rachel’s account.

I found Rachel through World of Wanderlust which is a well-known and award-winning blog. She was the writer of this site, and like an Instacreep I discovered myself browsing through her website and Instagram.

It’s obvious Rachel is a whiz. Her amazing photography skills and her incredible adventures are just too cool to ignore. I have been following along like a crazy travel-blogging groupie.

Rachel is a true traveler and has beautiful photographs to prove it. This girl must have a wild story, I thought. I had to ask about her most embarrassing moment on her travels.

She did.

Meet Clumsy Traveler Rachel; girl jumping in the middle of the road Joshua Tree

1. Please tell us about your blog and yourself.

The Department of Wandering a travel and lifestyle blog that aims to inspire you to explore more than the guidebook. There are many destinations covered, including Japan, Poland, and Mexico. You will also find tons of helpful tips that will help you travel more effectively. The Department of Wandering is the place to go if you enjoy good food, coffee and design, as well as exploring new places beyond what is available.

What’s a little bit about me? I love coffee, summer, and making things. YouTube has way too many videos of dogs. Red wine is my weakness. I enjoy the excitement of a new adventure, but I also love the feeling that I am returning home.

2. How did you get started in blogging?

The Department of Wandering was a side project that I started when I moved to Berlin from Australia. I wanted to share my experiences living abroad and all my travel adventures.

It’s become something much larger than I expected and is now my full-time job, along with other freelance projects. I no longer reside in Germany, and now live back in Melbourne.

3. How many years have you been travelling? Which is your favorite place?

When I was a child, my first overseas trip was to Fiji. However, I did not travel abroad often until I was older and was able to pay my own expenses.

I was at university when the travel bug bit me.

Since then I have climbed the Himalayas of Nepal, visited the atmospheric ruins at Angkor Wat, Cambodia, and road-tripped through the California national parks. New Zealand is, despite being so close to home, one of my favorite places.

Meet Clumsy Traveler Rachel; girl walking down middle of road Queensland

4. What is your most bizarre, crazy or clumsy travel story?

I am probably the furthest thing away from elegance and so can only choose one awkward travel moment to share. This is a hard one! It’s going to be the Bologna time when I locked myself out of my bedroom, but my suitcase.

I just bought a new hard case. The ones that look heavy duty and come with combination locks. All swish. This professional looked great.

My upcoming trip to Bologna was a perfect opportunity to get it in. I packed my bag, set the combination lock, and went with my boyfriend Ben. Bologna is the best place to find authentic Italy. It is one of the most secret places in northern Italy, and it has some of the finest food in the country. I loved it.

It was finally time to pack up and check out of our hotel before making our way back to the airport. I closed my bag and slipped the zippers into the handy combination lock, just as before. After a quick check of the room, I discovered that I had forgotten to pack the boots that were hidden at the bottom. I was shocked to find that my combination code wouldn’t work when I opened my bag to throw the boots in. It was probably something I did while packing, and I didn’t know what it was so I couldn’t open my bag. I’m sorry What do you think I should do to get my clothes out? My laptop? My camera? Do I need to open the zipper to get them out and ruin my new camera on its maiden voyage?

After a moment of silence, I told Ben, my boyfriend, about what I had done. He looked at me as though he was stunned, and then he asked why I didn’t pay more attention to such clumsy actions. After grabbing the case from my hands, he began to solve the problem. This is what men love to do, doesn’t it? He was ready to channel his inner MacGyver and pick the lock.

I was surprised to see that the lock opened in just 10 minutes. A wide smile spread across his face, and he was very happy with himself. It was amazing! It’s so easy to pick a combination lock! It should be much more difficult than that. We stuffed the shoes in, raced to the airport, exhausted but happy. I haven’t used that combination lock since then, it was too painful!Meet Clumsy Traveler Rachel; girl looking down the street of Bologna

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