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7 Benefits to Unplugging and Going Analog when You Travel

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It can be a luxury that seems like it’s the best. Many people become too focused on snapping photos and posting them to Instagram, rather than enjoying the sunsets or the sea salty smell. For both aspiring and experienced travel bloggers, this can feel like work and not relaxation.

We can feel more free and engaged when we take our eyes off of our phones and our hands from the charging stations. Your smartphone can distract you from the beauty of the world around you and reduce your ability to focus .

While you might be curious to see what your friends are doing, it is important to live your life and to enjoy your travels.

You can travel as an avid traveler or travel enthusiast and gain a different sense of adventure and learn a lot about your destination by disconnecting from your phone and connecting with the world around it. After learning more about the benefits of disconnecting and immersing yourself in another culture, you may want to make more time for your phone.


Goodbye, Google! Hello Culture! Google is often our first port of call, and we end up asking more questions than those around us. It is hard to resist the urge to know the immediate answers to all our questions.

We cultivate patience and curiosity when we remove Google from our adventures. Try leaving your phone at home or in the car next time you visit a local café. It will be a shock to discover that even the local coffee shop can thrive with a culture you didn’t know existed.

You can suddenly hear the beans being ground, and the sound of the steaming milk. You might notice how the light cuts across your table and reflects onto your spoon.

You may discover that you can find beauty in the everyday and excitement in the place if you do this enough.


Do you ever rely on your translator app to communicate your message in another country? Although translation apps are extremely useful, it is not necessary to learn another language faster if you don’t have one.

It is a good idea to study the language at least a month in advance and to bring along a dictionary. You’ll find yourself making more eye contact and using body language to communicate your message.


Although you might look strange asking for directions, it can be quite fun to disconnect. Instead of relying on your phone’s GPS, use a paper map. This will help you keep your eyes open and allow you to see street signs, businesses, people and other details that you might not have seen if you were glued to your phone’s screen.

Although it can be scary to get lost, you can learn self-reliance by exploring the unknown and creating great stories when you return home.


You can stop at a cafe or library to ask for directions if you get lost. It’s also possible to stop and chat with other people, which is a great way to meet new people.

Asking a local for recommendations on restaurants or places to visit will guarantee you’ll find great places that might not be as obvious, but are still authentic.

5. Your Rest will be more productive

Take a nap on your next trip. Before you put your head on the pillow, turn off your phone. Your ability to get restful sleep is also affected by blue light. You can give your eyes and brain a rest by taking a break from your smartphone.

It can be very taxing on your mind and body to travel. You can relax when you are ready. This will make you more aware and alert when you go on an adventure.

6. One picture is worth a thousand words

Many people talk about FOMO, while others truly have a Fear-of-Missing-the-Perfect-Photo. It might sound catchy, but it can be difficult to tune in to your experience if you spend more time searching for the right light and angle.

Do not take a photo when you are planning to go on your next beach vacation or visit an incredible waterfall. The image should be stored in your memory and mind. You can share the moment with others by choosing a high-quality, free stock photo of nature.

You can choose to take one photo if you cannot resist taking a picture of the moment.


Have fun, be spontaneous. You can jump into the ocean in all your clothes at midnight. You don’t need to worry about your phone getting wet or being lost if you leave it at home. You don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain or running through a fountain.

Be brave and bold and let your phone go from time to time. You will learn a lot about yourself and the people around you. You can also go alone if you are looking for more self-discovery. There are many companies that offer adventure holidays for single or solo travellers if you don’t have the time or enjoy travel planning.

Don’t forget to take additional precautions if you plan on disconnecting. Have fun with your next adventure and enjoy all that the world has to give.

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