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It makes sense to be a passionate travel writer if you are a true travel lover. This is the ultimate dream, to travel the world and get paid to write about your adventures and discoveries.

Travel writing has been a way for me to make a living. This is my website. Here’s how to do it!

Which type of travel writer would you like to be?

First, think about what type of travel writer you would like to be. There are many ways to make money writing articles about travel. You can do anything you want.

Conventional travel writing

Conventional travel writers work for another publication or company. This role will provide a salary and possibly a travel budget. As you will have a contract as well as a monthly income, this is the most secure form of travel writing income.

It may not be as flexible, however, as writing travel guides for yourself. It is possible that you will be required to travel to specific destinations rather than to just any place you like. Deadlines are likely to be strict.

Travel writing as a freelance job

Travel writing can also be a way to make an income. You can write articles for clients as a freelancer. Sign up on upwork.com to become a freelancer. You can work anywhere you like with freelancer jobs and can set your own rates.

Freelancing has its downsides. One is that you don’t always get paid. Travel writing jobs will require you to apply, which means that you’ll spend a lot of time sending out applications. You’ll also need to improve your cover letters if you want to succeed.

It is also unlikely that you will find work that allows you to travel and write about it. While there will be some, most clients will not be seeking out specific articles. This is because it will take more research than writing about your personal experiences.

You will often be ghost writing, so you won’t be able claim credit for articles you’ve written. This can be very frustrating, especially if your article is extremely well-respected.

Travel blogging

This is my favorite form of travel writing.

Your blog could be monetized with affiliate links, ads, or digital products like travel guides that you can sell through your site.

It can be difficult to grow your audience and make money with your blog. It will succeed if you persevere and come up with new topics to write about and new marketing strategies for your blog.

How to quickly get into travel writing

Start a travel blog

You can start a blog to make money, whether you are looking to make a living writing about travel, or if you want to get a lucrative contract to write for travel.

It can seem daunting to blog if you’ve never done it before. You soon get used to blogging and can always blog anonymously.

It doesn’t matter what your blog is about, it is a great idea to start a blog. Writing regularly will help you develop a unique writing style. Writing will be easier once you have mastered your style. You’ll soon be able write high-quality articles in no time.

A travel blog will help you show potential employers that your ability to engage an audience is a key factor in landing a job as travel writer. Without a portfolio, no one wants to take a chance on a writer. Your blog will soon become your portfolio.

A travel blog is a great way to make money from writing articles about travel. You can monetize your blog if you post frequently enough, have a large following, and draw in a lot of traffic to it.

A portfolio is a way to show potential clients you are a travel writer and make money as a freelancer. This will make you stand out among other freelance writers who write about everything.


Travel writing can be very competitive. If you want to stand out, narrow it down from ‘travel’ to a specific niche.

There are many niches that you can explore. Here are some niche ideas to consider.

Travel writing for minorities
You could write tons of articles on the same country or city.
Budget travel
Luxury travel
-Specific activities and places to do them (kayaking/cycling, hiking, driving or paragliding),
-Food Travel (You could write reviews about food in different countries).
-A type or travel (flying/cruises, driving, etc.

These are just some of the many niches that you can explore in travel. There are many others you could also try. The best thing about focusing on a niche is that there are many niches that are virtually unexplored, making it easy to become an authority in your field.


Your social media followers will help you reach people who are already interested in your travels and you. You will have an audience to share your articles, regardless of whether you are planning on writing for a travel magazine or monetizing your blog.

Instagram is a great option if you are short on time. People want to see and read about travel. It’s a visually-intensive industry. You can attract people to your Instagram account by posting pictures of your adventures. It’s much more likely that they will be interested in your content. They will want to learn the story behind the photos.

Your chances of getting a job as a travel writer will increase. Potential employers and other bloggers will be more inclined to ask you to write for their blogs if you have a strong travel writing resume.


Personality is the key to great travel writing. Although anyone can write a lot about a place if they want, it is not difficult to convey your personality in each article.

People want to get to understand the traveller as well as the places they visited. This makes travel stories more relatable and will make you more interesting to people.

YouTube is a great way to showcase your personality. Start a travel vlog and let your viewers see your adventures instead of just reading about them.

You will become more likeable to people and they will be more interested in what you have to say. You can increase audience engagement and even make money by creating a YouTube channel. It’s up to you to be bold enough to show your true self.

(I haven’t yet created a YouTube channel for myself, but I promise it will. You can visit the Travel Lifestyle YouTube channel for now. )


No matter how much you want to travel, if your travels are not frequent, you won’t have much to write about.

Travel writing doesn’t require you to travel all the time. You just need to see enough places to write a few articles.

If you decide that weekend trips to cities are more appealing than long multi-country travel, it’s fine. You’ll be able to write about as much as you want, provided you travel at least twice the normal amount.

If you want to be a travel writer, employers are looking for an interest in your travel writing skills. What better way to demonstrate your passion than to have taken several trips?


This step is not applicable if you are only planning to travel blog. This is the last, and most difficult step towards achieving your dream job.

You’re a great candidate for any job in travel writing if you’ve completed all the steps.

These are the dream jobs. You can sign up on sites such as Upwork and Freelancer to search for travel writing positions. Reddit is another option if you wish to expand your reach. You can advertise your travel writing services on many subreddits or search for clients who are looking for travel writers.

For a permanent job as a travel writer, apply for as many jobs as possible on every job site. You’re more likely to land the dream job if you apply more.

You can search the website of a publication that you are interested in writing for or send an email to inquire about speculative positions. You won’t waste your time if you don’t apply for all the opportunities that are advertised. Even if they don’t have any opportunities at the moment you can ask them for your CV.




A marketing plan is essential if you want to make money blogging about travel. Although it sounds daunting, it is actually quite simple.

It’s enough to plan how you will attract more people to visit your website. To get backlinks to your website, you’ll need some SEO. You can also write guest posts for other travel websites. This will help boost your social media followers.

Your travel blog will succeed if you attract more people to it!

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