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7 Reasons Travel is Important

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Are you curious as to which reasons travel is so important? You are at the right place.

You can go back 14 months and you will see that I was nearing the end of my 10-month-long trip around Australia. After arriving in Perth, I sold my van and went to Bali for two weeks, before heading to Vietnam. My plan was to spend about a month in Hoi An to do some work. After that, I would join my Indian girlfriend and continue on to Vietnam for 30 days. After our India trip was over, we headed home to the UK for a family vacation.

When the world crashed, I had just reached Vietnam. COVID-19 struck, the borders were closed and I purchased the last ticket for one of the last flights from Vietnam to England. My travel plans?


Now, more than a year later, the ease of international travel that I used to take for granted is a distant memory. It seems absurd to me that I used to have to worry about my bank account in order to book flights anywhere around the globe. It’s against the law.

It’s hard to express how much I miss this freedom. I cannot wait for the day when travel restrictions will be lifted and we can go on adventures . I have had ample time to reflect in the interim. One question that has been on my mind lately is:

Why is it important to travel?

It’s said that you don’t know what’s in your possession until it’s gone. This has been painfully true since we haven’t had the opportunity to travel. Since I am acutely aware of the things I haven’t been able to see, I thought I’d give my opinion on this question. You want to know why travel is so important, and if you should try it?

These 7 reasons are why traveling is so important


Traveling is one of my favorite things. It puts a smile on your face quicker than anything else. It’s thrilling. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a AltezzaTravel safari to Tanzania or just chilling out in Southeast Asia, you’re having adventures and exploring the world.

It’s not always easy to travel (more later), but it will never let you down. You can be on a tropical beach, in clear water, exploring ancient ruins, partying at capital cities or hiking up alpine peaks on any given day. It’s an intoxicating, enticing experience that is full of possibilities.

It’s difficult to leave behind a positive impression from travel without feeling enriched. This leads me to the second reason why I believe traveling is important…


I love a short travel quote by Ibn Battuta. It goes like this: “Traveling leaves you speechless, then makes you a storyteller.” He was right.

Travel is a powerful memory-making tool like no other.

You will have unforgettable memories of everything, from the excitement of leaving your home to explore new places and seeing/doing amazing things. It’s easy to share stories with others on the road or return home after a trip.

This, at the very least, is not trivial.

It means that you will always be great company at dinner parties! Another reason is that without our memories, who even ? Nothing more than squishy, unintelligent chunks of bone and flesh. Our memories are our identities. They inform our ideas, beliefs, and influence how we interact with the outside world.

Travel is a gift that enriches your life with new stories. This is the best gift.

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It’s funny how suffering can make life miserable.

Contrary to popular belief, happiness doesn’t come from complete comfort. It’s not the opposite. In times of hardship and discomfort we learn more about ourselves and develop mental fortitude to discover who we really are. With humility, self-awareness and character strength, you can overcome any challenge and live a happy life .

You will face many challenges when you travel. You are far removed from your family and friends. You are far from your comfort zone and have no one to guide you. This is your first step in a new career. You make mistakes, fall on your face, get lost and get sick. These are all normal reactions.

You get through it.

You come out the other side.

You will be amazed at how strong and capable you are.


It is worth repeating the point about self-awareness, and how travel can cultivate it. Why? Self-awareness is a superpower!

It would be like a ship without an anchor if we separated it into haves and nots. They are at the mercy and will be tossed from one place to another by the wind. They react to reality, without any insight on why it happens, how they think and feel. What is the result? The result?

Self-awareness can make the opposite true. Deep roots are what hold you grounded in the truth of the universe. You know who you are and what you want. You can then take the appropriate actions, adapt to your needs, and identify areas for improvement.

There are many tools that can be used to increase our self-understanding.

Travel is one of my favorite things.

These challenges will hold a mirror up to you. If you are willing to look long and open-mindedly at the reflection, it will reveal your true colors. It’s easy to discover who you are, your likes and dislikes, what you desire, what you fear, and why that is the way you are.


Travel is a great way to meet people with different backgrounds. Travel is a great way to meet new people in different countries. Travel is a great way to make new friends in other countries.

Why is travel so important? You don’t want to be surrounded with the same friendly faces your whole life. They might be the most beautiful people on the planet, and it’s a wonderful thing to keep in touch with your childhood friends. It’s not like checking your Facebook news. It’s like being in an echo chamber where you hear the same ideas, tell the same jokes and repeat the same values over and over. This means that you are never exposed to anything.

New is always good. New means learning. It broadens your mind. It makes you realize that you may have been wrong all along.

It’s often the people you meet while traveling that make it so memorable. In an instant, you make friends- relationships formed in the heat and excitement of adventure are where emotions soar.


It’s easy to live in a bubble when you consider homelife. It’s easy to walk on the same streets, visit the same places, go to the exact same events and meet the same people every day. Everything is safe, secure, and familiar.

It’s great, but is it enough to be considered ?

It’s almost like living in a mansion with all the amenities you could want. Yet, you stay the same place every day. It’s easy for people to lose sight of the fact that there is so much more to see and do. While you might be able to view exotic locales and new cultures from the TV screen , you are always far away emotionally.

You can experience it all close up if you go on a trip. You are a fish out the water, an alien in another country. You are thrust headfirst into foreign cultures, experiencing strange sights and sounds, unique smells, and trying new flavors. You can see the lives of others, which is often in less developed countries.

You will eventually gain an understanding of the world around you, realize how vast it is, and see that your home life is not the only or best.


Not least, travel is important because it allows you to take a step back from your daily life. You can take a break from your daily life and relax , no matter how long you travel. You have complete control of your day. You can relax, take your time, do what you like, and enjoy the freedom to be yourself. There are no bosses to worry about, no work obligations to worry about, or constant news feeds that can trigger a stress response.

Another way to put it: escapes. That’s huge! It’s especially important in these times, when life can seem chaotic and overwhelming. Traveling can take some of the stress off, at least for a time. You can let out a sigh, relax, replenish your energy, and get back to work as soon as your adventure is over.

Why is Travelling Important? This is what you need to know!

Why is it important to travel? There are many reasons why traveling is important. There are many reasons to explore our beautiful world. With any luck, these insights have highlighted 7 main ones. These are the main points to keep in mind for anyone who is thinking about a trip or needs a little push to get there.

We are optimistic that COVID will soon be gone and that we can return to our old jet-setting ways.

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