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Review of Luxury Escapes in 2024

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Luxury escapes review score

Luxury Escapes is a widely-used vacation booking platform in Australia. I have personally utilised Luxury Escapes for reserving hotel and vacation packages. This is my evaluation of Luxury Escapes for the year 2023:

Review of Luxury Escapes

Benefits and Drawbacks of Booking via Luxury Escapes

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages when making reservations through Luxury Escapes:

Unique Offers

Luxury Escapes provide exclusive deals that might not be available elsewhere. The packages include perks like complimentary breakfast, welcome beverages, late check-out, and others.

However, several of these offers may also be found when directly booking with the hotel. Therefore, it is advisable to check whether you are receiving the best deal. Travel agents were once the kings of exclusive deals, but hotels now encourage direct bookings.

Some offers could be found on the hotels’ website, while others seemed to only exist on Luxury Escapes.

Earning and Spending Velocity Points on Reservations

Velocity and Luxury Escapes have joined forces. For every $1 spent on Luxury Escapes, you’ll collect 1 Velocity reward point. You can also use your Velocity points to reserve vacations.

Previously, Luxury Escapes had a similar partnership with Qantas Frequent Flyer, but it was discontinued in 2023.

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Comprehensive Packages

One benefit of booking via Luxury Escapes is the ease of combining flights + hotels in a single reservation. Although airlines and other travel agents provide this convenience, I find the booking engine on Luxury Escapes to be particularly user-friendly.

Excellent Customer Service

Online travel agents often have less-than-stellar customer service. In my Aunt Betty review, I pointed out how challenging it can be to get support when dealing with an online agent. However, Luxury Escapes seems to be an exception. While I haven’t had to engage with their support, they reportedly have an excellent customer service.

Luxury Escapes provides phone support. If you make a booking through them, you can be assured of assistance should anything go wrong. Might Not Always Be the Most Affordable While Luxury Escapes often has extremely competitive hotel rates, it may not always be the most cost-effective choice. For the best deal, I would recommend checking directly with the hotel. Hotels usually match what most booking sites offer. It’s a good idea to search on the hotel’s website and use a travel aggregator like Google to compare offers. If you book somewhere other than Luxury Escapes, you might not receive the same package components.

Luxury escapes review score

Luxury escapes review score

Managing Flights through Luxury Escapes

A common oversight among travelers booking through an online agent is that all flights need to be managed via Luxury Escapes and not through the airline itself. The policy varies from airline to airline, but most of the time, you won’t be able to make changes by contacting the airline or using their website.

One major positive is that Luxury Escapes has customer support, making it less problematic when changes are necessary compared to discount booking sites.

“Not Everything is labelled Luxury”

Though Luxury Escapes primarily offers deals for more upscale hotels, not every listing could be classified as a luxurious stay. So, it’s advisable to read the reviews before reserving a hotel through different platforms. While some booking sites offer deals only from 5-star hotels, Luxury Escapes provides a variety of accommodation options, which is viewed as a positive.

Luxury Escapes introduced an “Ultra Lux” category to describe what many would consider a luxury hotel.

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Is Luxury Escapes Legitimate?

Yes, Luxury Escapes is a legitimate travel booking site. I have used the platform for reserving hotel packages. While I mostly book directly with a hotel (to maximize hotel loyalty points), if a compelling offer appears on Luxury Escapes, I won’t hesitate to book it.

Should One Reserve through Luxury Escapes

If you locate an enticing package deal through Luxury Escapes, I believe it’s worth considering. They provide commendable customer service, cementing their reputation as a validated travel agent. They have an established presence and a positive reputation.

Anyone looking to make a booking via Luxury Escapes can take advantage of my Luxury Escapes referral code to avail of a $50 discount.

Is Luxury Escapes under the ownership of Qantas?

No, Qantas does not own Luxury Escapes. Luxury Escapes previously collaborated with Qantas where clients could earn and use Qantas points on holiday packages. The deal ended in 2023, after which Luxury Escapes introduced a similar approach with Velocity Rewards. Have you experienced booking holidays with Luxury Escapes? I would like to hear about your experience.

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