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Luxury Escapes Review in 2024: Indulgence or Price Hesitation?

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luxury escapes

Luxury Escapes Review in 2024: Indulgence or Price Hesitation? Searching for your next sumptuous adventure but don’t know where to begin? Let’s find out if Luxury Escapes, one of the leading global leisure travel platforms, suits your needs. This comprehensive review will aid you in determining whether your subsequent escape justifies the grandeur. Table of Contents Introduction to Luxury Escapes Knowledge about Luxury Escapes Best Packages Available on Luxury Escapes What Does Luxury Escapes Best Price Guarantee Offer?

Understanding Luxury Escapes Booking and Refund Policies

Is Luxury Escapes Top in the Market?

Is Signing Up for Luxury Escapes Worth It?

Grand Leisure Getaways and More!

Show more Show less If you are seeking a bespoke vacation, Luxury Escapes deserves consideration. They offer unique adventures at posh locales, albeit at a price. Does it feel like a good investment?

Maybe it is the Maldives, Mexico, London, or an unknown city that is summoning you. Luxury Escapes asserts that its superior offers are industry bests. If your preferences include fine dining, convenient travel, and immersing yourself in a novel spot with a luxurious essence, this firm provides moderate pricing and substantial value. Let’s examine this detailed review of Luxury Escapes.

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What Is Luxury Escapes?

Luxury Escapes is a digital space offering an array of exhilarating travel experiences. They present package deals with fair prices for accommodation, cruises, tours, and more.

Luxury Escapes employs an experienced team that extensively browse the internet for premium offers. Acting as negotiators, they deal with property owners/operators to reduce costs and arrange experiences with local guides. This luxury domain delivers a best-price promise wherein if you spot a better deal, they’ll match it. To a discerning traveller, wouldn’t that sound promising?

luxury escapes

luxury escapes

About Luxury Escapes

Adam Schwab, an enthusiastic Melbourne resident, established Luxury Escapes in 2013. Originating from Australia’s heart, it has matured substantially in under a decade to become a top-rated global leisure platform.

Offering bespoke escapes with exclusive perks across luxury domains, this one-time new venture is now unmistakable. With over 4.2 million global members and offices sprawling from the US, UK, to New Zealand, and India, Luxury Escapes is truly a phenomenon. This rapidly expanding travel company touts excellent customer experience, reflected everywhere from their innovative offerings to their impressive reviews.

What Are Some of the Best Packages on Luxury Escapes?

Luxury Escapes, teeming with best-selling experiences, has plenty to offer. The most-praised packages boast all-inclusive Maldivian trips, five-star oceanfront suites in Mexico, and idyllic private beach resorts in Dubai. For those yearning to go the extra mile, multi-week trips to favourite destinations like Vietnam, Morocco, Italy, and Sri Lanka are available. What Is Luxury Escapes Best Price Guarantee?

Luxury Escapes takes pride in its “Best Price Holiday Guarantee”, implying if you spot an identical deal at a better price, they’ll meet it. The Luxury Escapes team, a robust group of experts, inherits negotiation skills. They collate information online, gathering deals around renowned resorts, trustworthy hotels, and esteemed cruise brands. With this data, they compile cost-effective packages that ace the VIP parameters, assuring you get a lucrative bargain.

To fall under the Best Price Guarantee, you must ensure the following:

The reservations are identical (hotel, room type, number of guests, duration of stay)

VIP exclusions match The package needs to be available at the same time

Same booking fees, taxes, and service charges apply Once verified, which usually spans from 24-48 hours, Luxury Escapes will match your price. If you plan to avail of the Best Price Guarantee, ensure you present your evidence before your booking.

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What Is the Luxury Escapes Booking and Refund Policy?

The general guidelines around refunds and additional information concerning reservations and cancellations are stated in the package deal. Luxury Escapes may facilitate refunds for its members, but it relies on the specific deal. There are no refund provisions for flight tickets bought through this travel platform, including those bought as part of a package deal.

Cruise deal policies fluctuate with cruise lines, so ensure you check your deal. Luxury Escapes also offers a “7-Day Change of Mind Guarantee” on their Limited Time Lux Exclusive offers, wherein you can cancel up to a week post booking and avail a full refund. If it’s a last-minute deal, refunds are only granted if the check-in date is 21 days post the booking date. Overall, Luxury Escapes’ refund policy appears complex, so it’s crucial to understand the specifics of each deal before booking.

Is Luxury Escapes the Best Option on the Market?

The answer to this depends on your travel preference and needs. This is an exceptional choice if your travelling priority orbits around luxury. If you appreciate the convenience of organising everything from a single space, Luxury Escapes make it simple and effective. On the other hand, if you are a budget-conscious traveller or someone who loves exploring unchartered avenues, other travel agencies might offer economically-friendly alternatives.

As a competing platform, Secret Escapes provides luxury hotel package deals. Although their geographical span is not as broad as Luxury Escapes, it could be worthwhile examining their deals. If you’re a regular traveller wishing to save, while relishing luxury, consider other alternatives. Platforms such as LoungeBuddy permit access to airport lounges, including perks like free food and beverages, which will ultimately assist in saving while travelling.

Is Luxury Escapes Worth It?

If you’re a well-travelled individual savouring life’s luxurious facet, Luxury Escapes suits you. Covering a diverse range of experiences, activities, hotels, resorts, cruises, and more, this travel company brings everything to you in a single package deal. If you’re an explorer scouting individual deals or a budget-conscious traveller, Luxury Escapes might not be your ideal choice.

Our Rating: 4.1/5

Pros: User-friendly platform Impressive deals on luxury hotels, resorts, cruises, and activities Comprehensive travel company Best Price Guarantee

Cons: Intricate refund policy High-priced deals not cosy for average traveller’s budget

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